We focus on spot purchase with competitive price, large and small batch delivery are available, fast and error-free logistics help reduce your overall operating cost.

PPV Service

Market analysis:
Nowadays, the electronic processing service industry is already fully competitive. If you purchase materials for processing services only at standard procurement cost, you can only bring 5%-10% gross profit margin to the service factory.

How to reduce purchasing cost:
·Our procurement cost reduction service can deal with large quantity and high price components in customer's bill of materials, and offer lower prices. With the global procurement network of more than 5,000 suppliers and the management ability for mainstream electronic components, we can help our customers quickly and effectively discover potential resources around the world and reduce procurement costs.

·As we all know, in the electronic component distribution and procurement industry, the component price is usually closely related to the procurement quantity. With a large number of customer resources, we can effectively integrate customer needs and centralize procurement. At the same time, because of the regional price differences widely existing in different parts of the world, we can quickly find the price depression by virtue of the powerful information platform.

·By the global large-scale EMS joint procurement, we can enjoy the direct priority supply from and bargaining power against the original factory, and be able to maintain a stable supply channel under the condition of tight material resources.

·According to the Forecast provided by customers, we will provide long-term partner customers with a stocking plan, obtain lower prices from bulk purchases and solve the problem of customer demand change.

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