We focus on spot purchase with competitive price, large and small batch delivery are available, fast and error-free logistics help reduce your overall operating cost.

Value-Added Service

We focus on the design and development of various electronic products, hardware design and electronic solutions. Based on technological innovation, independent intellectual property rights and well-known brand products, and strong technical strength, we can provide customers with one-stop services covering chip selection, program development, production and processing, and component matching. We tailor-make plans for each customer, keep all-round confidentiality of customers' products and plans, and greatly improve the comprehensive competitiveness of customers' products, which are highly praised and trusted by customers.

1. Entrusted design and cooperative development.
We conduct specially design according to customers' actual requirements, and provide perfect technical service support, develop and deliver complete solutions to customers for production. Our senior software and hardware engineers participate in 7/12 development, testing and small-scale production to escort your product launch.

2. Technical support and application guidance.
We can give full play to each other’s advantages to cooperate in development and mass production, and provide perfect technical service support, including product development concept, marketing mode upgrade, product update iteration and five-star after-sales platform construction.

3. Existing mature solutions to speed up the launch of products.
We can provide ready-made and existing solutions for customers to choose from, and rectify the solutions as needed, and customize the overall scheme of developing key electronic components and control boards such as electronic products and IC integrated circuits.

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