Since 2008, we have been focusing on providing the companies of greatly different sizes with the adaptive electronic components supply chain solutions.

Company Profile

Since its establishment, Shenzhen ZSONG Technology has been committed to the agency and distribution of semiconductors and components in the Asia-Pacific region. Through years of accumulation, it has accumulated rich experience in marketing and sales operations. At the same time, the company has a group of very professional and practical businesses in the industry. The management backbone, the average age of the employees is 28, 85% of the employees have a bachelor degree or above, and more than 3,000 domestic and foreign companies have successfully served. Now it has become one of the most professional semiconductor and component suppliers in Asia. We not only provide customers with excellent performance and reliable quality products, but also continuously improve technical support and value-added services to meet the higher requirements of customers. Our one-stop and reliable professional services have not only won wide recognition from customers, but also enabled us to become Texas Instrument (NXP) National Long-term trusted downstream partners of well-known manufacturers such as Semiconductor, Maxim, and AD.        

We strictly require ourselves to strive for perfection in every work we do. Our goal is to pursue excellence and maximize customer satisfaction. We share our rich market experience, in-depth understanding and prospects of the electronics industry with our customers to meet their needs and achieve their desired goals ,At the same time, we help customers establish complete business strategies and effective solutions, and assist customers in marketing       

ZSONG Technology will continue to use its advantages in capital, technology, logistics, and human resources to provide customers with first-class products, comprehensive services, and complete technical support, establish a global strategic partnership with customers, and eventually develop into Asia The most professional IC hybrid supplier.

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