We focus on spot purchase with competitive price, large and small batch delivery are available, fast and error-free logistics help reduce your overall operating cost.

BOM Supporting Service

Market analysis:
In the electronic industry with strong periodicity, theevolving market conditions will lead to unexpected shortage of parts and components, which will disrupt the original orderly production plan of the factory, and even affect the immediacy of factory shipment in severe cases. In addition, the risk of spot purchasing is particularly high. It may not only lead to production stagnation , but also potential quality problems. Therefore, it is particularly important to select qualified spot suppliers.

Provide off-the-shelf service:

With the global supply network and years of market experience, we can provide the most accurate spot information, including manufacturer, material code, production date, price, RoHS standards, packaging information and arrival date.

We provide customers with global "7/24" service and can deliver the most demanding goods in the market in the shortest time; use the transportation services of FEDEX/UPS/DHL and other international express delivery companies to ensure accurate and punctual transportation.

As the preferred partner of the world-renowned EMS manufacturers, we provide market information of products including CPU, memory, integrated circuit, passive devices and connectors, and with the professional technical support of the marketing team. Wecan provide the stocking service to purchase and stock the urgently needed goods in batches quickly before the market supply shortage and price rise .


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