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Since its establishment, Microchip has paid close attention to the embedded control semiconductor product market. In order to occupy the market, we have concentrated all the resources of technology, design, production, sales and other aspects to develop two major products: PIC 8-bit microcontroller (MCU) and high-quality serial EEPROM. So far, Microchip has launched microcontroller peripherals, analog products, RFID smart cards, KEELOQ security products, and can design more comprehensive and valuable embedded control system solutions to meet the growing needs of users.

Manufacturer Date Code Description Inquiry
MCP2515T-I/ST Microchip 2020+ TSSOP-20
MCP2515T-E/SO Microchip 2020+ SOP-18
24AA32AT-I/SN Microchip 2020+ SOP-8
24AA04T-I/SN Microchip 2021+ SOP-8
24LC16BT-E/SN Microchip 2021+ SOP-8
24LC16B-I/SN Microchip 2021+ SOP-8
24LC16B-I/P Microchip 2021+ DIP8
MCP602T-I/SN Microchip 2020+ SOP-8
MCP2551T-I/SN Microchip 2021+ SOP-8
MCP2551T-E/SN Microchip 2021+ SOP-8
24LC02B-I/SN Microchip 2021+ SOP-8
24LC02B-I/P Microchip 2021+ DIP8
24LC02BT-I/SN Microchip 2021+ SOP-8
24LC02BT-I/SN Microchip 2020+ SOP8
24AA128T-I/SN Microchip 2021+ SOP-8
24AA1025T-I/SN Microchip 2021+ SOP-8
24LC256T-I/SN Microchip 2021+ SOP-8
24LC256T-E/SN Microchip 2021+ SOP-8
24AA16T-I/SN Microchip 2020+ SOP-8
24AA64T-I/SN Microchip 2020+ SOP-8

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