Quality Assurance

We have advanced test procedures, professional test equipment, and most importantly the experienced IQC engineers with professional and responsible working attitude, ensuring that our customers receive first-class high quality goods.

Inspection Process

Strict quality inspection process is the core of our control system. In order to convince customers of “the best choice with assured quality”, we guarantee every inspection step be effectively implemented. We have advanced testing procedures, professional testing equipment, the most important, sophisticated IQC engineers, professional and responsible working attitude, to ensure that our customer receive world-class high-quality goods.

Step 1  Visual inspection

We will visually inspect all goods in the warehouse and make detailed inspection records.
Inspect manufacturer, manufacturer's part code, quantity, production date and environmental protection standard.
Check whether the outer packaging is intact/complete, and whether the packaging materials meet the requirements of the corresponding MSL standard.
Conduct marking inspection, consistency inspection, and compliance verification of original specifications and documents.
Inspect material appearance, dust condition, pins’ deformation, and oxidation marks.
Check HS CODE, to confirm whether it is consistent with the invoice/packing list.

Step 2 Engineer inspection

The engineers will review the visual inspection process.
check the manufacturer's logo/label and coding marks with reference to the quality control database.
conduct bar code scanning detection.
check the factory lot number, production date and corresponding origin of wafer/package with the original factory.
Simple electrical performance test.

Step 3 Quality test

All goods that are not approved by the engineers in the re-inspection process will enter the quality inspection process.

Solderability test
D-CAP analysis
Anatomical analysis
Electrical performance consistency test
Inspection and analysis report of original factory



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