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Development of a battery-specific charging regulator IC/battery voltage monitoring IC that supports CV (constant voltage) charging

From:特瑞仕半导体株式会社 Date:2021-12-2

Torex Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (Managing Director, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan: Koji Shibamiya Daiichi Tokyo Stock Exchange: 6616, hereinafter referred to as “TOREX”) has developed a special battery charger that supports CV (constant voltage) charging Regulator IC XC6240 and battery voltage monitoring IC XC6140.

In recent years, various batteries such as semi-solid batteries and all-solid-state batteries are being developed. Among these batteries are CV (constant voltage) charging type batteries. This time, Torex has developed a charging regulator IC and battery voltage monitoring IC that can perform constant voltage (CV) charging of 2.3V series lithium secondary batteries.

The charging regulator IC can meet the voltage requirements of the charging voltage of the 2.3V lithium secondary battery, and even if the deviation is considered, it can output the upper limit charging voltage of the secondary battery. It is also possible to suppress the sink current (sink current) flowing from the secondary battery when it is not charging to the charging IC to be small, which greatly contributes to prolonging the battery driving time.

The battery voltage monitoring IC sets the detection voltage and release voltage suitable for the battery characteristics of the 2.3V series lithium secondary battery. The detection voltage can be selected from 1.6V to 2.2V according to the application and the internal resistance of the battery. The release voltage has been fixed at 2.475V, which is the release voltage when the charging regulator starts charging.

In addition to the small and low-profile packages (XC6240: USPN-4, USP-6B06 / XC6140: USPQ-4B05), the packages of the two products are also equipped with SSOT-24, which can be mounted in miniaturization, low profile and various applications On your device.

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